151 Most Beautiful Cities in the World, #85 – #81

151 Most Beautiful Cities in the World, #85 – #81

Well, here we are! Already more than halfway through our list of the 151 Most Beautiful Cities in the World. And if you don’t know…. here at All World Travel we are making a series of large, large, large lists. So far there are two: the one mentioned above and then there is the 101 Best Cities in the World for Food and Cuisine.

Anyway, let’s start the show!

85. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, nestled in the breathtaking Austrian Alps, is a picturesque village known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The village offers a range of destinations, sights, monuments, parks, and neighborhoods that captivate visitors from around the world.

One of the must-visit destinations in Hallstatt is the Hallstatt Skywalk, which offers panoramic views of the village, Lake Hallstatt, and the surrounding mountains. It’s a perfect spot to capture breathtaking photographs and soak in the majestic scenery.

The Hallstatt Salt Mine is a fascinating attraction that takes visitors deep into the mountainside to explore the history and processes of salt mining. Visitors can ride on the underground slides, learn about the ancient salt trade, and enjoy scenic boat rides across an underground lake.

The Old Town of Hallstatt is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its charming streets, traditional Alpine architecture, and picturesque waterfront. Exploring its narrow lanes and visiting landmarks such as the Parish Church and the Market Square provides a glimpse into the village’s rich history.

Photo Credit to Sorasak, Zeynep Ozturk, and Arthur Hutterer

84. Melbourne, Australia

One of the must-visit destinations in Melbourne is Federation Square, a bustling cultural hub and meeting point in the heart of the city. It features unique architecture, art installations, and hosts various events, exhibitions, and live performances.

The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is a major sporting and cultural landmark. Visitors can take a guided tour of this historic stadium, which has hosted numerous cricket matches and Australian Rules football games.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, located near the city center, is a lush green oasis where visitors can wander through beautifully landscaped gardens, enjoy scenic views, and relax amidst nature. The gardens are also home to diverse plant species and feature picturesque lakes and walking paths.

The neighborhood of Fitzroy is known for its vibrant arts scene, trendy boutiques, and eclectic dining options. It offers a bohemian atmosphere, with street art adorning its walls and a diverse mix of cultural influences.

St. Kilda, a beachside suburb, is another popular neighborhood with its iconic Luna Park amusement park, beautiful beach, and vibrant esplanade lined with restaurants and cafes. It’s a great place to enjoy seaside activities, go for a bike ride along the coast, or indulge in some delicious food.

Photo Credit to Denise Jans, Gabriel Tan, and Weyne Yew

83. Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Wilmington, located on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, offers a charming blend of historic landmarks, beautiful parks, and vibrant neighborhoods.

One of the must-visit destinations in Wilmington is the historic Riverwalk. This scenic boardwalk lines the Cape Fear River, offering stunning views of the waterway, colorful buildings, and lively waterfront activities. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll, dine at waterfront restaurants, and explore boutique shops.

The neighborhood of Historic Downtown Wilmington is a treasure trove of architectural wonders. It features beautifully preserved buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, including the Bellamy Mansion, Latimer House, and the famous Thalian Hall, one of the oldest theaters in the United States.

Airlie Gardens is a botanical paradise that spans over 67 acres. It showcases stunning gardens, including the iconic Airlie Oak, along with sculptures, walking trails, and a picturesque butterfly house.

The nearby Wrightsville Beach is a popular destination for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. With its wide sandy shore and clear blue waters, it’s an ideal spot for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Photo Credit to Avi Waxman, and Wentao Liu

82. Asheville, North Carolina, USA

One of the must-visit destinations in Asheville is the Biltmore Estate, a grand mansion built by George Vanderbilt in the late 19th century. This stunning château boasts impressive architecture, beautiful gardens, and picturesque views. Visitors can take guided tours of the house, explore the extensive grounds, and enjoy wine tastings at the estate’s winery.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic highway that winds through the mountains, offers breathtaking vistas, hiking trails, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Taking a drive along this picturesque road is a must-do while in Asheville.

The River Arts District is a vibrant neighborhood known for its thriving arts scene. Visitors can explore numerous galleries and studios, witnessing local artists at work and discovering unique artwork.

For nature lovers, the North Carolina Arboretum is a botanical paradise. It features beautiful gardens, hiking trails, and exhibits showcasing the diverse flora of the region.

The downtown area of Asheville is filled with charming shops, farm-to-table restaurants, and breweries. Visitors can stroll through the streets, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and live music.

Asheville’s blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and lively neighborhoods make it a captivating destination for travelers. Whether exploring historic landmarks, enjoying outdoor adventures, or immersing in the local arts and culinary scene, visitors to Asheville are sure to find a wealth of experiences to enjoy.

Photo Credit to Stephanie Klapacki, Tabitha Turner, and Ryan Hall

81. Banff, Canada

Banff, located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, is a breathtaking destination that offers a wealth of natural beauty, stunning sights, and outdoor adventures.

One of the must-visit destinations in Banff is Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering spectacular mountain landscapes, turquoise lakes, and abundant wildlife. Visitors can hike scenic trails, canoe on pristine lakes, and soak in natural hot springs.

The town of Banff itself is a charming and vibrant place, with a range of shops, restaurants, and galleries. Visitors can explore the bustling streets, sample local cuisine, and browse for unique souvenirs.

Lake Louise, located within Banff National Park, is a jewel in the Canadian Rockies. Its emerald waters, surrounded by majestic mountains, create a stunning sight. Visitors can hike around the lake, take a canoe ride, or simply marvel at its beauty.

The Columbia Icefield, a vast expanse of glaciers, is another notable sight. Visitors can take a guided tour onto the Athabasca Glacier or enjoy panoramic views from the Glacier Skywalk.

Photo Credit to Louis Paulin, and John Lee

See our next post in a few days where we break the top 70!

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