Best Food Cities: #98 – #97

Best Food Cities: #98 – #97

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In this ‘episode’ of AWTravel’s MegaLists series of blogs, and as part of the 101 Best Cities in the World for Food and Cuisine, we will cover numbers 98 through 97. Those are Split, Croatia, and Manchester, UK. We hope these blogs and lists give you a taste (get it?) of where you can travel and eat your heart out. 

98. Split, Croatia

Being both on the Dalmatian Coast and situated in the southern Balkans, Split is going to have a nice mix of surf and turf options. Of course, pair that with the city’s eclectic nature and modern approach to cuisine and you have a recipe for greatness. Not to mention regional classics that are to be savored as well. To get an idea, click here to see some of the best restaurants, and see some of the best tours in and around Split.

For example, at Pinku Fish and Wine, you can start with freshly caught oysters served with a spicy kumquat sauce. This restaurant also has grilled squid served with garlic sauce and peaches, other offerings are poached hake fish, cuttlefish noodles, pickled egg, spring onion, and fish broth, just to give you an idea of the imagination found here. 

Next, for an idea of more than 20 local dishes (of which we will only mention a few here), we start with Dalmatinska pašticada, which is a dish made of meat marinated in vinegar and spices and then stewed with dried fruits, red wine, root veggies, and bacon. Follow this with Crni rižot, a black risotto that gets its color from squid or cuttlefish and is additionally served with mussels, clams, and other shellfish, this dish is perfect for a light lunch. 

Finally, a classic is Čvapi, either as a sandwich or dish, this lamb and beef mix sausage is a Balkan classic and is served with red onions, ajvar — a red pepper sauce, maybe pickles and cabbage salad, a flatbread called Lepinja. For the best spot in the city, go to Kantun Paulina

(BTW, we didn’t even get around to the great wine and desserts that are to be found here… Keep your eyes peeled for that!)

97. Manchester, United Kingdom

Besides the great number of international restaurants that can be found here, there are so many local dishes to try along the way. Of those, of course, you can black pudding (a blood sausage you can find in any English Breakfast), but other local specialties include Lancashire Cheese, which comes in creamy, crumbly, and hard varieties. Meat and potato pie, made with onions and brown gravy will go great with any pint of beer. And make sure to taste some of the sweets, such as Manchester tarts, Eccles cakes, and Chorley cakes — maybe with a nice cup of English tea. And, make sure to try the local soft drink Vimto and locally made gin, of which the city is famous.

 Aside from the local fare of tradition, there are many many restaurants in Manchester with an international and/or modern spin. For example, OSMA, which is specializing in locally sourced and seasonal menu items, Refuge by Volta, is an eccentric mix of musical stylings and international cuisines made by international renown DJs Luke Cowdrey and Justin Crawford, and Mana, which is an avant-garde restaurant reinventing British cuisine. 

Other locations include Baratxuri — specializing in Basque cuisine, Dishroom, and Maray — offering Persian delicacies, Greens — the best vegan and vegetarian restaurant in the city, The French at Midland — which was one of the first in the city to earn a Michelin star, and Tattu Restaurant and Bar — which is Chinese food as you have never seen it. 

All in all, Manchester is sure to please and should be a great place to refuel the engines while visiting the UK. See some of the best tours going through Manchester and for accommodation, you have to stay at either the Stock Exchange Hotel or the King Street Townhouse

We still have a long way to go to get to #1 on the list, but we already feel like we are off to a great start! Stay posted for our next additions to the list as we share the best places in each city to eat for all those cities that are great to it in. 

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