101 Best Food Cities: #101 — #99

101 Best Food Cities: #101 — #99

This is part of AWT’s Mega List series where we attempt to have the most comprehensive list for travel. So far, there are the 101 Best Cities for Food and the 151 Most Beautiful Cities, but there are to be more. However, we cannot just make a list — no, we have to expand on it. That is what we are doing here. So, enjoy learning about food offerings in Tangier, Munich, and Bucharest! 

101. Tangier, Morocco

A cultural melting and with proximity to the coast, of course, this is a seafood haven. For example, at the Populaire Saveur de Poisson, you can find fish soups and tagine made of shark or squid, or, choose the catch of the day. For breakfast, a local favorite is bissara (a fava bean and split pea soup), served either with hoobz (local baked bread) or m’simen (local fried bread). Finally, after walking around the medina and souk (local market) for dinner you can choose from any one of Tangier’s Best Restaurants. For an exceptionally great dinner view, go to Le Mirage, with a view of the Atlantic and is right next to the famous Hercules Cave. As well, it is customary to eat couscous here on Friday and no Moroccan day would be complete without sipping some mint tea at a local cafe. 

Finally, have a stay outside the city at Le Mirage or right in the center of the old city at Le Maison de Tangier. As well, to explore more of this part of the world there are plenty of tours to choose from that cover Iberia to the North or the rest of Morocco to the South.

100. Munich, Germany

Munich is a current international hub due to its status as a financial capital in Europe. That means that here you will be able to taste the traditional dishes of Bavaria as well as the international fare, which we do not need to go into here but rest assured you can find cuisine from all over the world. 

For local dishes, you might find a mix of garlic, caraway, cumin, mustard, marjoram, salt, and pepper flavoring your dishes, for example in the schweinsbraten or fleischpflanzerl — which are both heavy meat dishes of roasted pork and meatballs, respectively. Side dishes will include spaetzle, potato salad, coleslaw, and of course sauerkraut. And of course, the schnitzel here is sure to amaze. 

Before and after that you might find yourself snacking on weisswurst and brez’n, or white sausage and pretzels — of course, accompanied with mustard. Or, more unfamiliarly, you might have some obazda — a piquant cheese specialty that is an indispensable part of Bavarian cuisine. Desert might include deep-fried apple rings, known as apfelkücherl, or germknödel is a large, hemispherical dumpling made from yeast dough and filled with Powidl (plum jam).

In between these belly-busting meals, travel around Bavaria, Germany, and Central Europe by rail, water, or bike with your choice of over 80 possible tours. And of course, enjoy it all with some great German beer, or see our blog on Oktoberfest to get there for the most festive time of year.

99. Bucharest, Romania

Romania is a mix of so many different culinary histories. There is Turkish influence, German, Slavic, Greek, and of course, its own unique style. 

In Romania you can expect a lot of meat — some of the most famous types are called mici, which are small sausages of pork, beef, and spices grilled and served with pickles and mustard. Sarmale, from Turkish, is rice, spiced meat, and veggies wrapped in cabbage leaves and topped with sour cream. And, if you are a fan of pickles, expect to find some of the best-pickled veggies around — there is everything from pickled cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, onions, beets, peppers — both sweet and spicy, green tomatoes, and even baby watermelons. And, Romanians love a loaf of good bread, snack on homemade toast with zakuska — a vegetable spread of roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms, and more. Finally, for dessert, you have to try papanasi, a fried sweet dough topped with berry sauce and a cream dressing. 

While in Bucharest have a stay at Epoque Hotel or the Grand Hotel Continental. Short trips from Bucharest include Brasov and Bran and Peles Castles, which are essential parts of Transylvania.

We hope you enjoyed that list. Coming soon we will cover Split, Croatia (#98) and Manchester, UK (#97). 

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