Vietnam Day Trips, Pt. 2 (Outside Hanoi)

Vietnam Day Trips, Pt. 2 (Outside Hanoi)

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A couple of days ago we put up a blog about all the great day tours that one could take while spending time in Hanoi. And while Hanoi is an amazing city, a trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without seeing the rural side of Vietnam. With picturesque farms, orchards, rivers, and kind locals to show you their way of life, here are the best day tours to take outside of Hanoi. 

  1. Ethnic Tribes and Traditions (8 Hours) 

Cycle through two rural Vietnamese communities, the first being Ky Son. Here you will visit a proper manor, known as Moon Garden, where you can relax amongst pomelo, mango, longan, and frangipanis trees before learning how to make spring rolls and a traditional dessert. Afterward go to Duong Lam, a 1,200-year-old village that holds the Mia Pagoda, which houses over 250 Buddhist statues. Finally, by the end of the day, you will see how rural and ancient life in Vietnam was created and continues to exist.

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  1. Central Vietnam by Rail (6 Hours)

Leaving Da Nang (famous for its ‘Hand Bridge’) in the morning and arriving in Quy Nhon by the afternoon, this train ride is a great combination of old-timey comfort and style equipped with all the modern fixtures that one might need in this day and age. Along the way enjoy a three-course meal of French and Vietnamese fusion paired with drinks from the onboard bar. As you enjoy the ride you will pass through rural villages, mountains, and rice paddies.

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  1. Walking Tour of Hoi An (8 Hours)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An boasts a beautiful mixture of French, Japanese, and Vietnamese styles in its city outlay. Here you will visit the town ‘Old Quarter’, a historic merchant’s house, family chapels, a Japanese-inspired bridge, and take a cruise on a boat down the Thu Bon River.

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  1. Hoi An Fashion and Fair Trade (4 Hours)

This is a perfect chance to see Vietnam’s traditional textile industry, including an introduction to how locals make silk. You will also meet artisans and business owners and get to understand their craft and what keeps their trade alive and kicking. 

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  1. Biking Backstreets of Hue

Bike through local agricultural communities while visiting local holy sites, an imperial temple, pastoral markets, family-run rice paddies, and the famous ‘mushroom houses’ that are found in this part of Vietnam. This tour is a great way to see the local farming lifestyle. 

Photo Credit to Romeo A, Dikavesa, Quang Nguyen, and Leo Nguyen

  1. Mekong Delta Trip (10 Hours)

This river cruise is at the heart of the Mekong River Delta. During the day you will stop at the small village of Cai Be, where there is a Neo-Romanesque Cathedral, after which you will stop to visit a 19th-century house and eat some local artisanal foods such as coconut candy and puffed rice. Finally, at the end, you will dine in a garden filled with fruit trees followed by a walk along a small canal. 

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Of course, there is a lot more to see and do in Vietnam. Too much to cover in a blog, but nonetheless, we hope these blogs give you an impression of all the amazing things there are to do and see in this wonderful part of the world.

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