5 Irish Pubs NOT in Ireland Worth Traveling to a Pint For

5 Irish Pubs NOT in Ireland Worth Traveling to a Pint For

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There is something amazing about a good Irish Pub. You can go anywhere in the world and feel the warmth of the dark wood, the comfort of the stool next to the bar, and the cozy atmosphere of friends gathering over a pint. And while we can all imagine the amount of great Irish Pubs in Ireland, one of their fascinating features is their international appeal. In this blog, we will look at the 11 best Irish Pubs outside of Ireland. Because, no matter where you might be, having a cold ale and a warm meal with friends will always transport you to the same place.

(In no particular order)

  1. The Harp, Bucharest, Romania

To start our list is Romania’s best Irish Pub. Centered right in Downtown Bucharest in Union Square and a short walk from the Romanian Parliament building and close to Bucharest’s Old City Center, this is a great pub to pop into after a day of walking and seeing the architectural marvel that is Old Bucharest. And, with Transylvania and the historic castles of the Carpathians mountains not too far away, this is a great place to grab a drink before you start your Romanian adventure. And choose from any one of these 15 Best Hotels in Bucharest.

  1. Drunken Poet by the Victoria Markets in Melbourne, Australia

Of course, we imagine good pub life in Australia. But what makes this location special is that it is in Victoria Market, which has been operating since 1878. So, it is just a perfect place to go after a day of visiting one of Melbourne’s most iconic and historic areas. As well, have a nice stay at Jackalope Hotels in Melbourne after a nice day and evening out.

  1. The Irish Times, Vancouver Island, Canada

Aside from the great nature that covers Victoria, which is not too far away from Vancouver City, you can have a nice time having a beer before going out on an adventure. As well, enjoy a stay at the Fairmont Empress or enjoy the Vancouver Island Tour

  1. Wild Rover, Cusco, Peru

If you are on your way to Machu Pichu and the Sacred Valley this is a great place to stop for a drink and admire how much the outside city and the bar can differ. However, take note of the larger connection between the two. That is a sense of connection to the larger world. Whether venturing through Peru’s amazingly large and fascinating history which so much tells about the story of humanity, or having a beer. Either way, you should be at home. And, stay at Palacio de Inca for a tried and true experience. 

  1. Healy Mac’s, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sitting between the Patronis Towers is a great Irish Pub that is filled with a veritable United Nations of beer-drinking clientele. There is no telling who you might run into here and be able to share a drink with. Just for that reason, we think if you find yourself in one of Asia’s most bustling cities, it is worth it to have a pint here. If staying in KL, we suggest the RuMA Hotel.

Of course, there are many more Irish Pubs out there, but these might be some of the best located. It is a constant journey to discover all the great places to have a pint before we venture back into the world. One thing is for certain though, an Irish Pub will always have some feeling of home. 

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