Laos: Best 9 One-Day Tours, Part I

Laos: Best 9 One-Day Tours, Part I

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Laos is, and has been, a place of immense history and culture. Now, as each year passes it seems there is more and more to do to travel there. So, here is this blog we would like to list 10 of the best one-day tour opportunities. We think it is such a cool idea to mix and match all the different ways to visit and interact with Laos and the people there. With so many options, how could you not get excited?

  1. A Trail of Laos Artisan Villages (4 Hours) 

This is a chance for you to visit artisans with expertise in silversmithing, textiles, and papercrafts. Located close to the UNESCO Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, this tour lets you visit up-and-coming artists living and working in their element.

  1. Private Baci Experience (2 Hours)

This age-old ritual of tying strings around individuals’ wrists (to keep the good energy in) is performed by local elders and is done to bring good luck, happiness, and inner reflection. 

  1. Waterfall Meditation (5 Hours)

Located at Kuang Si Waterfall and starting early in the morning, this meditation is led by a professional lifestyle and wellness coach who will guide you through mindfulness exercises while you take in nature and the calm of the gentle movement of the water. 

  1. Alms, Lunch, and Community Development (2 Hours)

Enjoy Lao cuisine with locals and hear testimonials from locals about their community development and projects that are shaping the future for youths. Contributions are welcome and help to maintain the economic needs of locals.

  1. Dairy Tasting and Local Farmers (2 Hours)

This is another socially conscious tour that is a collaboration between American and Australian farmers who works with locals to produce dairy products from the indigenous buffalo species. Among the products that you will taste are yogurts, cheeses, and ice cream. You can also meet the buffalo!

  1. Petanque and Barbeque (4 Hours) 

Have an easy-going evening with friendly locals and a barbeque. In between enjoying the company, the food, and the drinks, have some fun playing petanque — a French game introduced during the 19th Century. 

  1. Essential Luang Prabang (4 Hours)

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about the history and culture of the area all while meandering the small city streets on the way to visit temples, stupas, the Royal Palace Museum, as well as the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Center. 

  1. Lao Culinary Class (4 Hours)

Go to a local market with a well-known local chef and learn about the local spices, herbs, and produce. Then, understand the culinary tradition of Northern Laos all before learning local techniques and preparing a meal, and finally enjoying a great meal. 

  1. Plain of Jars Helicopter Ride and Tour (7 Hours)

This tour is sure to be surprising. Not only do you get a helicopter ride through a beautiful valley, but you also get to visit one of the most mysterious and important archaeological sites in South East Asia — The Valley of Jars. These prehistoric megaliths are scattered around and in some cases number more than 400 and can stand up to 10 feet tall. 

These great tours go from early morning to late in the evening, but that does not mean you do not need a place to stay. For that, we suggest Amanataka Hotels or La Residence Phou Vao, A Belmond Hotel — or both with your stay in Luang Prabang.  

Amanataka Hotels is a tranquil sanctuary with 24 suites, French and local restaurants, a bar, outdoor lounges, a spa, a sparkling pool, a tennis center, a gym, and a yoga studio. As well, you are close to over 30 amazing temples in the area, bakeries, boutiques, and markets. 

La Residence sits atop the “Hill of Kites” and offers a great view of the city below. Here you can join local monks in almsgiving practices, enjoy the smells of bougainvillea and frangipani next to the infinity pool, and ask about bike rides around the area before taking in an herbal steam at the spa.

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