7 Types of Coffee from Around the World w/ Great Hotels to Boot

7 Types of Coffee from Around the World w/ Great Hotels to Boot

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Sometimes nothing is better than a nice Cup o’ Joe and depending on your tastes, you are always certain to find great places to visit and coffee culture to take in. So check out some of our best recommendations for foreign types of brew and some of the best hotels where you can stay before you hit the cafe. 

  1. Turk Kahvesi – from Turkey, this coffee is made out of finely ground beans simmered in the hot sand in a special pot called a ‘cezve’ or ‘ibrik’.

Stay at the classic Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul in the historic Sultanahmet Neighborhood before getting a nice coffee and seeing the Haga Sophia. 

  1. Mazagran – this cold coffee, from Portugal, is made from the mixing of one shot of espresso and lemon juice or lemon soda.

Our suggestion for a stay is in Porto at the Palacio das Cardosas in the Old Town Center where you can sip a nice Mazagran along the Rio Douro. 

  1. Pharisaer – German coffee with rum, sugar, whip cream, and chocolate shavings.

This lovely drink can be found throughout Germany, so maybe a stop in Hamburg at the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten or the Hotel de Rome in Berlin.

  1. Ca Phe Trung – the famous Vietnamese coffee that is made with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and robusta coffee. 

This coffee is also a national treasure and can be enjoyed either after snorkeling at the Six Senses Con Dao in the southern islands or the bustling cities of at Sofitel Legend Metrepole in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City at the Park City Hyatt.

  1. YuenYeung – this coffee from Hong Kong mixes coffee and tea. 

So, take in a nice cup with a stunning view of Hong Kong harbor from the Ritz-Carlton.

  1. Kaffeost – from Sweden, this coffee is poured over ‘juustoleipa’, also known as cheese curds. 

This style of coffee seems like a perfect experiment after a long day of walking around Stockholm’s Old Town along that beautiful waterfront at the Grand Hotel Stockholm.

  1. Cafe Bombon – this coffee from Spain mixes strong black coffee with equal parts coffee and condensed milk. 

With so many great locations to stay in Spain, like the Hotel Arts in Barcelona or the Four Seasons Madrid there are plenty of options to enjoy a relaxing Cafe. 

Of course, you can try these caffeinated concoctions at home first, it might be a good way to see where you would most like to go.

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