Visit Armenia and the Caucasus

Visit Armenia and the Caucasus

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Armenia is one of the hottest places for travelers looking for something unknown and new. Like its other two Caucus neighbors, Georgia and Azerbaijan. This region is known for its immense beauty, ancient history, geo-political importance, cultures, and unique languages. 

There is a saying that in Georgia you can bathe in wine, and the Azerbaijan you can bathe in honey — in Armenia, both. Sharing the border of Mount Ararat with Turkey, many states that this might be where the fabled Noah’s Ark lay when the waters finally settled. This is also one of the best countries to go to understand the origins of wine. Researchers of the history of wine state that this country actually might boast the first historic vineyard site. Among other firsts that Armenia claims is that of being one of the first Christian Nations, meaning here you can find a historical record like no other. However, life was not always great, with problems of genocide from the Turks, occupation from the USSR, and general conflicts, Armenia is now only becoming a blossoming country. Meaning that travelers who do decide to go there have the chance to savor the first bit of Armenia before it loses some of its deeper tastes. For that reason, we want to share three tours with you of Armenia, and its neighboring countries —  of equal mystery and history — Georgia and Azerbaijan.

First, we want to offer the Essential Armenia 5-Day tour. On this tour, you will be centrally located at the Alexander Hotel by Marriot in the capital city of Yerevan. Over the course of five days, you will visit monasteries, visit Mount Ararat, tour ancient pagan temples, walk through some of the nicest open-air markets, as well as finding beautiful artisan crafts, and finally, of course, get some nice wine.   

Second, there is the Classic Armenia 7-Day Tour, where you can visit Areni Village, which is where the supposed oldest winery in the world, as mentioned before. You will also get an in-depth knowledge of Yerevan with visits to Republic Square, the Yerevan Opera House, and the Yerevan Cascade — an immaculate limestone staircase that is always packed with locals. Like the five-day Essential Armenia tour, there are also tours to the monasteries, Mount Ararat, and more historical sites. 

Third, is a complete tour of the Caucuses. The Essential Caucasus is a 12-Day of which you will be based in the three capital cities of the region — Yerevan, Tbilisi, and Baku. Besides some of the pleasures that are mentioned upon visits to Armenia, in Georgia and Armenia you will also taste local delicacies, get a taste of history, and walk through city centers that have a whole different feel from what we are used to. 

Whatever you choose, these trips offer a unique chance to see a part of the world that is really like nothing else. For more information click on the links above to see information about the tours, or look at this article It’s Time to Start Talking About Armenia Again to learn more. 

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