Eco-Friendly Travel Companies

Eco-Friendly Travel Companies

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It is no joke that eco-friendly travel is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. And we here at All World Travel are certainly a part of that movement into the future. You may have noticed our assortment of blogs and social media posts that all deal with this subject recently. Well, in that vain we continue to share information. For this piece, we will look at some of the 11 best eco-friendly travel companies (that we will mention for now). 

P.S. We have to do it in alphabetical order because it is too hard to choose who is the best among all these great companies!

  1. Amazonas Explorer, Peru – 

Based in Peru, this outfit has been helping people reach Machu Pichu for over 30 years. As the company continues to grow it continues to make connections with local communities and businesses. 

Photo Credit to Scott Umstattd

  1. Blue Apple Beach, Colombia –

A smaller business, this boutique hotel, and beach club show that no matter size you can implement eco-practices and do so in a luxurious way. This is shown by their B Corporation status, which means when a for-profit company demonstrates good ‘social and environmental performances’.

Photo Credit to Darren Lawrence

  1. Bodhi Surf + Yoga, Costa Rica – 

Another small company with B Corporation status, this lodge is located in the Ballena Marine National Park and is a great place to learn about eco-practices for business and tourism from local community members. 

Photo Credit to Ladd Greene

  1. Discover Corps – 

This company is the real deal when it comes to ‘volunteer vacations’ — not one of those cheap scams. For those folk out there who don’t mind getting their hands dirty while they travel this is a great place to consider. With locations on 6 continents, DC is part of Terra Education (B Corp) which uses business planning to solve social and environmental issues. 

Photo Credit to Sergey Pesterev

  1. Explore! – 

With over 40 years of experience and 500 trips to choose from in 120 different countries, Explore! boasts one of the largest selections of trips to choose from. In that time they have helped lead the way in responsible tourism along with other major companies. If it is important the little guys do it it is double important the big ones do it, and here we have that example. 

Photo Credit to Julie Thornton

  1. G Adventures – 

Specializing in small group travel with locations to over 100 countries G Adventures, based out of Toronto, Canada has been a long-time leader in adventure travel with sustainability in mind. 

Photo Credit to G Adventures and Virtuoso

  1. Gondwana Tours – 

Based in New Orleans this tour operator is a mid-sized outfit that can help you get to Patagonia, Louisiana, Alaska, Rwanda, and more. As of 2021 all of its tours are 100 percent carbon-neutral which is verified by the Cooler emissions tracking organization. 

Photo Credit to William Pietermans

  1. Great Canadian Trails – 

Going through some of Canada’s best National Parks, this tour operator takes you into uncharted areas that most do not get to see. With a commitment to low-impact travel and not leaving anything, with an unnoticed trail behind you, this type of tour could be one of the most educational. 

Photo Credit to Annagret Kammer

  1. Himalayan Glacier Adventure – 

The highest-rated tour company on Mount Everest Base Camp and includes expeditions to Nepal, India, Annapurna, Ladakh, China, Vietnam, and more. This company basically ARE the experts when it comes to trekking in the Himalayas. 

Photo Credit to Prem Babu Moktan

  1. Journeys With Purpose – 

This tour operator, out of the United Kingdom focuses largely on trips that do ‘rewilding’. ‘Rewilding is the large-scale, long-term restoration of ecosystems where nature is allowed to take care of itself,’ according to the founder of the company Duncan Gossart, who also finds work as a zoologist. 

Photo Credit to Ellaby Daiga

  1. Seacology – 

Founded by an ethnobotanist, Dr. Paul Cox,  and local activists who went to save a local forest from becoming timber, this company goes around some of the most vulnerable worlds islands to preserve and sustain them through consciousness tourism. 

Photo Credit to Tyler Casey

We hope that these 11 companies can inspire you to get out and see a new and futuristic type of travel. 

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