Parque National de Cocuy, Bucaramanga, San Juan de Giron, and Barichara (Colombia 3/6)

Parque National de Cocuy, Bucaramanga, San Juan de Giron, and Barichara (Colombia 3/6)

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Colombia is one of the finest countries to find unexplored geographic and historical locations that rival any counterpart in the world. 

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In between Bogota and Cartagena, and even closer to Bucaramanga sits in the mountains a glacial highland. Fit for both the trained adventurer and casual tourist who may want to take a break from city life and the beaches. Cocuy National Park is the largest glacial mass in Colombia and has over 25 peaks to view and/or climb. 

To stay near El Cocuy National Park you can stay in the nearest small towns of the eponymous El Cocuy and Guican. Here you will find quaint and rustic hotels and hostels, more locally known as albergues. Our first two options are both quite similar, they are Hotel San Gabriel and the Hostal El Caminante. Both are older colonial buildings with colorful rooms and welcoming courtyards. Our third option, in Guican, is Hotel Casa del Calibri, which has a hacienda feel, an outside deck, and offers a restaurant. What is great about these places is the great down-to-earth feeling they give off, the clean air, simple lifestyle, and of course, proximity to the great outdoors and mother earth. 

The closest major city to El Cocuy is Bucaramanga, which is known as the ‘City of Parks’ (having 160 total!) and ‘Colombia’s Most Beautiful City’. Close by are the beautiful, smaller, cities of San Juan de Giron and Barichara. 

In Bucaramanga, Giron, and Barichara there are also some very nice hotels to choose from. These include Hotel Dann Carlton, Hotel Bari, Hotel Buena Vista, Hotel Boutique, and Hotel Chill Out. There are outdoor swimming pools, comfortable lobbies, restaurants, and access to astounding nature. 

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