El Desierto de Tatacoa and Cali, Colombia (2/6)

El Desierto de Tatacoa and Cali, Colombia (2/6)

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Colombia is one of the finest countries to find unexplored geographic and historical locations that rival any counterpart in the world. 

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The Tatacoa Desert is equidistant from both Bogota, the sprawling Capital of Colombia, and Cali, Colombia. Though not technically a desert, but a tropical dry zone, this area is great for night skies, which can be seen at the Restrepo Observatory, as well as a comfortable getaway in the middle of nowhere. 

For staying a night close to the desert, there are three great options to consider. The first is the Hotel Colonial Villavieja, followed by the Cosmos Tatacoa, and finally the Qji Glamping Hotel for those looking for a little more of a rustic atmosphere. 

Now, being that Tatacoa Desert is in between both Bogota and Cali, you have two options to choose from if you are looking for some urban adventure. But for this post, we shall cover Cali (Bogota is covered in another part of this larger piece on Colombia). 

Now, Cali might not be the first city that registers on your list of places to go in Colombia. Still, it does have many similar features to the other cities that will give you an authentic Colombian experience. Salsa lessons, like at the Sandaluz Academy are readily available – Cali is the birthplace of Salsa dancing and has amazing Salsa Clubs. There is the famous Salsa Circus, called Delirio. As well, the Barrio San Antonio is the oldest neighborhood in Cali and is a great place to walk and visit cafes while admiring the architecture. Even take a Street Food Tour, which will take you through the neighborhood, parks, and a local market. 

For accommodation, there are many options, but really there are two that stand out in Cali. Those are the Acqua Santa Lofts Hotel, which offers where there are decks to sunbathe, exercise rooms, a pristine outdoor swimming pool, and plenty of space to relax. This hotel also offers a great view of the Fallarones Mountains that lie to the west of Cali. Our next suggestion is Movich Casa de Alferez, which is in the stunning neighborhood of Granada and is close to the Zona Rosa, where haute cuisine, cafes, and Cali’s nightlife can all be found.¬†¬†

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