House on the Rock, Wisconsin Weekend Trip

House on the Rock, Wisconsin Weekend Trip

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A little over two hours from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is built on of the most fascinating houses anyone might ever have the chance to see. With construction starting in 1959, this house bolsters fifteen extremely unique rooms, three gardens, and a tribute center to the main, and mostly solo, constructor Alex Jordan. 

A Wisconsin native, Jordan was mainly a recluse his whole life and built the House on the Rock primarily by himself. House on the Rock sits atop, you guessed it, a giant chimney of rock where Jordan would have picnics and look out over the landscape. 

The first part of the house constructed was is known as the ‘Gate House’ where originally stood a picnic table and tent. For the next 32 years, Jordan would add one room after another, some exotic, some quirky, some nostalgic, but all being out of this world. These include the ‘Biggest Indoor Carousel in the World’ — which is exactly what it sounds like; the ‘Streets of Yesterday’ — a replica of a 19th Century town with a brick street, buildings, and hundreds of antiques; the ‘Heritage of the Sea’ boasting 200 model ships on exhibit, including one of the Titanic, as well as an art instillation of a sea creature that is 150 feet long; the ‘Circus Room’ which has a pyramid of elephants, and an automated 40 piece band, and mini-replicas of all the grand of the circus’ of yesteryear; the ‘Infinity Room’, which gives the illusion of looking into a room that never ends, an effect possible by the 3264 windows. All these rooms and ten others offer guests a surefire funfilled experience.

Now, if you are thinking that your experience would end among that rooms and gardens, All World Travel has news for you! Because not only can you go from rooms that include miniature doll houses, old-timey music, 3 of the biggest theatre organs ever built, a Japanese garden, and countless upon countless antiques from around the world — you can also golf, visit the spa, go for a swim, or dine for breakfast or dinner at the ‘400 Restaurant’.

If you are interested in viewing this testament to artistic spirit, ingenuity, and perseverance, this might be one of the best places for you to visit. As well, Wisconsin is a state that has plenty to offer. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, there is the Harley Davidson Museum. If you are a football fan there is the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame and a visit to Lambeau Field. Of course, you can try all the great cheeses that Wisconsin has to offer (it is this author’s opinion that Wisconsin is the cheese capital of the US). Then, for a nice urban getaway, you have Madison, Wisconsin, the state’s ‘cool’ city that hosts plenty of nice restaurants, pubs, cultural events, and just a good vibe in general. And finally, just down the road from House on the Rock is Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Taliesin’. A big contrast to House on the Rock this house demonstrates the work of ‘America’s Greatest Architect’ use of minimalism and the creation of the iconic prairie architectural style. 

So, if you think a weekend getaway might be something you need in the upcoming weeks, but haven’t figured out where — consider letting AWT help you out. 

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