Indonesia’s Hidden Spots

Indonesia’s Hidden Spots

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Winter 2022-2023 is coming up sooner than we think. Those chilly times are only three months away. That is why All World Travel is working to help you find a tropical destination to get away from frigid Old-Man Winter. Our first suggestion, among many, is Indonesia!

Now, Indonesia has a lot to offer (that is why this is only the first written piece of two that we will do on Indonesia). For this first piece, we want to suggest some of the popular areas and some hidden gems that Indonesia has to offer. 

Of course, when we think of Indonesia we think of a massive country with over 17,000 islands, one of the world’s largest cities (Jakarta), countless landscapes, exotic animals, incredible cultural diversity, great cuisine, and of course — adventure. Such examples include Ubud — the cultural heart of Bali, as well as the famous Buddhist Borobudur Temple in Java. 

Natural wonders that are certain to astonish and are well-known destinations include: Tanjung Puting National Park, a wonderful ecotourism destination that includes boat tours where you can see orangutans, macaques, and sun bears, among other exotic animals; next is Mount Bromo, a volcano with it’s top blown off and surrounded by white sand; finally we have the famous Komodo and Flores islands where one can see…Yup! You guessed it — Komodo Dragons. However, while we might all be somewhat familiar with these famous places, let us take a look at some of those lesser-known corners of the world. 

First, let us start with a place known as the ‘Hidden Canyon’ or Beji Guwang which is roughly 10 miles from Denpasar, the Capital of Bali, and even closer to Sukawati — a smaller city that is known for its great art market. The Hidden Canyon, therefore, is not a far shot from urban life, but as the story goes, still manages to be a lesser-known destination for tourists. 

The next spot we want to share is for those diving enthusiasts out there or those who might want to learn. Indonesia is famous for its diving, but no other place is quite like the underwater sculpture park ‘Nest’ on one of the three Gili Islands, which are already famous in their own right for hosting great nightlife, tranquil beaches, and possibilities for local immersion. 

The next great spot we would like to share with you is between the famous islands of Flores and Komodo, renowned for the eponymous Komodo dragons. The place in mention is known as Padar Island, a small and rather unventured beach haven having white, pink, and black sand beaches. Once having three species of Komodo dragons, now which are now not on the island, one can still find sharks, dolphins, and manta rays, among other species. Finally, a hike of thirty minutes is all it takes to reach the island’s summit for a 360° view of the surrounding island and sea. 

Our final hidden gems are found on the island of Sulawesi. Included is what some consider the most spectacular waterfall in Indonesia, named Air Tenjin Laguna. Next is Lake Kakaban on Samama Island which has four species of Jellyfish, all of which DO NOT sting — so diving and swimming are encouraged. And, finally, the Sulawesi Cave Paintings, which are 44,000 years old. Making them the oldest cave paintings in the world. So, while Bali, Sumatra, and Java might get most of the credit for tourism in Indonesia, it seems Sulawesi might be a contender for great places to travel to in the future. 

So, while all the great things you have heard about Indonesia are true. We are glad to share these other great finds that are not so common knowledge, yet! That is why this winter it might be a good idea to get away from the frost and see some of these great places that are still flying under the Radar. 

Part II of AWT’s feature on Indonesia will feature all the great deals Virtuoso Travel has to offer!

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