El Pietra de Peñol and Medellin, Colombia (1/6)

El Pietra de Peñol and Medellin, Colombia (1/6)

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Colombia is one of the finest countries to find unexplored geographic and historical locations that rival any counterpart in the world. Check out our photo essay(s) about some of the best places you (might have) never heard of!

Photos from top right to bottom left by Frank Rolando Romero, Nathalie Jaramillo, Carl Folscher, and chasingadventure.ca

In Guatepe there is a place called El Pietra de Peñol, a magnificent rock that juts out of the ground. Only 49 miles from Medellin, Colombia’s bustling new tech city boasts great nightlife and history. 

If you are looking to stay in Medellin, they are several great hotels to consider. First, we consider the Hotel de Parc Royal, which has a great turn-of-the-century aesthetic and is close to the Museum of Modern Art and the Santa Fe Shopping Center. Second, is the Charlee Hotel located in the El Poblado neighborhood and is also close to Lleras Park. This hotel also offers live music, art exhibitions, cooking classes, and pool parties. Third, there is the Medellin Marriot Hotel is also in El Poblado and is close to both the Santa Fe and Oviedo shopping centers. Finally, we have the Hotel Novotel Medellin El Tesoro. Constructed in the Beaux-Art architectural style and close to Medellin’s best nightlife scene, museums, and restaurants which offer some of the best some of the best cuisine to be found in the city. Another great feature is the beautiful view of the city from the outdoor swimming pool. 

Photos from top left to bottom right: centraldereservas.com, luxurylatinaamerica.com, jacandatravel.com, beachbaby.net, travelking.com, Marcela Molina

Now, if you are planning on staying in Guatape, the city at the base of El Pietra de Peñol, there are three great options. First, is Serendipity Hotel, a quant hotel located in front of Guatape Lake — they say great things can come in small packages. Next is the Bosko Hotel, which is rated the best luxury hotel in the city and offers futuristic domes for private rooms, a garden, and an elegant dining room for breakfast. Then, there is Levit Glamping Hotel, which offers a more outdoor experience with nifty rooms for those who enjoy that Glamping lifestyle. 

Photos from left to right: palisadehotelyubacity.com, despeger.com.mx, levitglamping.com

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